Perhaps the most important aspect of a safari is the guide. All our safaris in Kenya, Tanzania and Mana Pools NP are personally hosted and lead by Federico Veronesi (unless otherwise specified).

Federico is a professional wildlife photographer and an experienced safari guide  certified by the Kenya Professional Safari Guides Association (KPSGA, Bronze Level).

He has spent years living in the bush, mostly in the Masai Mara NR, following specific animals day after day for several months and witnessing extraordinary and never-before seen behaviours.

He has extensive first-hand knowledge on the behaviour of many animals including Leopards, Lions, Cheetahs and Elephants. Very few people in the world have followed and studied wild Caracals as much as he has done.

But most of all, it is his passion for African wildlife and photography that can truly make the difference on your safari. This job is his life, his dream come true, so you can be guaranteed that he will give all of himself on any safari to ensure that guests leave with extraordinary images and memories of the fantastic places that they will visit.

When more than one vehicle is required, we seek the services of very good local guides certified by the KPSGA, who are used to working with photographers, and appreciate the needs and requirements that this entails. Federico Veronesi will be always on one of the two vehicles, setting the times, the pace and the approach of the safari.

In Tanzania, strict national regulations do not allow non-Tanzanian citizens to drive guests. Federico Veronesi will seat on the passenger’s seat, next to the driver, instructing him on best positioning, approach, timings etc.

In Mana Pools NP, Zimbabwe, we collaborate with very knowledgeable and certified professional guides who will accompany us on our walks in the floodplains or Chitake Springs looking for close encounters with Lions, Elephants and Wild Dogs.

Professional photographer safari guide