At the base of the mighty Mt Kilimanjaro and at the heart of a huge semi-arid ecosystem lies Amboseli NP. The park is relatively small, with an extension of 392 Km at an altitude of 1,100 mts above sea level.

It consists mainly of flat grasslands surrounding the evergreen swamps fed by the melting snow of the mountain. These marshes provide water and food to the huge herds of herbivores that inhabit the area. In the west of the park is the Amboseli Pan, an immense seasonal lake that is dry for most of the year. Beautiful scenes of thirsty animals crossing the pan are fascinating.

Amboseli is a very dry place. Its name comes from the words for White dust in Maasai language. The landscape is harsh; dust storms frequently erupt when the wind picks up. The contrast of the arid and treeless plains with the evergreen swamps is amazing.

Amboseli is home to big herds of Zebras, Gazelles, Buffalos and Wildebeests, along with Lions and Cheetahs. A great variety of water birds can be observed in and around the marshes.

However, its main attraction is the great population of Elephants. Approximately 1,500 of these fascinating creatures live in the ecosystem and visit Amboseli regularly. It is fantastic to watch them walk to and from the swamps in the mornings and evenings. During times of plenty, Elephants concentrate sometimes in hundreds, with old bulls following the herds of females and calves. Photographically it is very rewarding. Its flat and dusty plains and dry lake beds provide amazing backdrops for dramatic and evocative images, especially in certain remote areas of the park. In the early mornings and late afternoons the snowy peak of Mt Kilimanjaro may emerge from the clouds, and when a herd of Elephants appear in the distance it is one of the most iconic scenes in the entire African continent.
On our photo safaris here in Amboseli we focus almost exclusively on photographing the Elephants. Federico Veronesi has an intimate knowledge of the park and will take you to remote areas, away from the classic tourists’ circles and where you will be able to enjoy in total peace and silence the Elephants in this extraordinary land.
If you are keen on photographing Elephants, you will love one of our photo safaris trips dedicated to these beautiful giants in the wet months, when the Elephants are most active. Other safaris during the dry months include Amboseli as part of their itinerary. Contact us if you want us to design your own Elephants only trip.

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