Close up portrait of Silverback male Mountain Gorilla in Parc des Volcanoes, Rwanda

Tracking Mountain Gorillas is an unforgettable experience which will take you face to face with these most fascinating primates, in a lush environment of highland forests. Gorillas live in family groups lead by one or more Silverback males. Certain families have been habituated and can now be approached by a restricted number of visitors for one hour each day. You will enjoy a beautiful walk through the forest, accompanied by rangers and trackers, until you will find the family you have been assigned to. From that moment you will have one exact hour to spend with the Gorillas. Photography can be extremely rewarding but also quite challenging depending on the location where you find the group.

We recommend a three nights trip, leaving Nairobi in the morning for Kigali (return flight costs about 350 USD p/p) and returning to Nairobi in the afternoon of the fourth day. In Kigali you’ll be met by your guide and transferred to the lovely Volcanoes Virunga Lodge for three nights. We highly recommend taking Gorilla permits for both days in order to maximize your chances of taking good images. It is a rather expensive extension but surely worth every dollar spent.

Contact us to arrange the extension to your safari to track Gorillas in Rwanda.