Zimbabwe, in Southern Africa, is a beautiful and once prosperous country which in the last twenty years has faced extremely hard times politically, economically and socially. In the last few years the situation has first stabilized and is now improving, and the once flourishing tourism sector is starting to recover. Zimbabwe boasts some of the best professional guides in the whole of Africa, beautiful parks and still very good infrastructures, especially in the north. Wildlife in the National parks has remained largely untouched even through the hard political times. However, the same cannot be said unfortunately for wildlife leaving in the game controlled areas where trophy hunting concessions have gone out of control severely impacting wildlife populations. We are very happy to promote photographic tourism here hoping that the country realizes that wildlife can produce good income even if it’s not killed but simply admired and photographed or filmed.

At the moment we offer photographic trips to the magic Mana Pools National Park. Click below for more detailed information about Mana Pools, or visit the image gallery of Mana Pools, an amazing and unique place.

Lone African Elephant in dry floodplains and soft blue light in Mana Pools NP