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Image Safaris will make any reasonable effort and take all due care to ensure that the safari runs as smoothly as possible.

It is wise and highly recommended, however, to purchase a comprehensive travel and medical insurance before travelling.

As much as most safaris are trouble-free and nobody wants to dwell on the thought of any incident or inconvenience while on holiday, taking out insurance can give you some peace of mind.


The policy

The travel insurance policy should include both travel and medical benefits and cover at least flight cancellation or delay, trip cancellation, curtailment or delay, damage, theft or loss of personal baggage and photographic equipment.

Medical benefits should include cover for all overseas medical costs, including hospitalization and medical evacuation. The latter includes transport required to get you to a hospital in the country you are visiting, to better medical facilities in Africa, or all the way back home.

Please find out in advance whether your insurance company will make direct payments to medical service providers abroad or will reimburse you later for any expenditure made. This is vital information as explained below.


Healthcare costs

All consulting doctors, labs, hospitals and any other medical service providers in Africa require immediate upfront payment. Hospitalization and surgery at international standard hospitals in Africa can be extremely expensive. More so are medical evacuations. Just to give an idea, international evacuations are in the range of tens of thousands of US dollars!

This means that you may find yourself unable to access such services should you not be carrying adequate insurance cover or dispose of readily available financial means.

In all our safari packages we include a cover with Flying Doctors of the African Medical and Research Foundation (AMREF) for each participant. Flying Doctors provides excellent and reliable air ambulance evacuations to international standard hospitals in East Africa, only for medical emergency/ life-threatening cases. Hospitalization and repatriation costs are not included in this cover.

For more information read the page “Health and safety“.