30/09/2019 – 12/10/2019

Photographic opportunities

This safari will take us to the most fascinating parks in Zimbabwe. Starting with  a visit to the majestic Victoria Falls, we will then proceed to Hwange NP. In Hwange, artificial waterholes attract enormous herds of elephants throughout the day and night. We will mix game drives and visits to the waterholes, where we will wait for interactions or dramatic images of vast herds of elephants.

Matusadona NP is excellent for iconic images of Elephants and Lions on the lake Kariba shores, with the wonderful backdrop of the dead trees rising from the lake. Birdlife is extraordinary and sunsets are breathtaking.

The trip will culminate with five nights in Mana Pools NP, on the banks of the Lower Zambesi river. The most striking and unique feature of Mana Pools is the possibility to approach animals on foot. Animals are habituated to people walking and generally are not alarmed or scared. The thrill of sitting next to a pride of Lions or a few meters away from an Elephant feeding is nothing short of unforgettable. Photographically it is also extremely interesting; the photographer has much more freedom in choosing the position, the angle, the distance, the framing, as opposed to when you are confined to a vehicle on a track

In the dry season the floodplains attract families of Elephants and solitary bulls, along with Buffalos, Elands, Impalas, Greater Kudus, Waterbucks, Zebras and Warthogs. Predators also abound. It is probably the best place in Africa to see big packs of Wild Dogs and Lions are also commonly seen. We’ll have a chance to follow the predators on foot, while they hunt, drink, play or simply rest. We’ll also have a chance to spend time with Elephants on foot at extremely close range, a simply unforgettable experience.


This safari will be for a maximum of six (6) people. Six people are required for the safari to take place.

Walking Safaris

In Mana Pools NP, walking is allowed. We’ll live extraordinary experiences in close contact with the wildlife. We’ll leave camp in the morning with our 4×4 vehicle and head out in the floodplains looking for predators or their tracks. Upon locating a fresh track we’ll leave our vehicle and follow it on foot until we find the animals we are looking for. While walking in the park we’ll have to strictly follow the rules the guide will give us, and there will be no danger. Upon encountering wild animals we’ll have all the time for our photography.


We’ll sleep in a lodge near the falls at Victoria Falls. In Hwange we’ll stay at a beautiful tented camp overlooking a waterhole that Elephants and lions visit reguarly. In Matusadona we will sleep in a fascinating camp right on the lake shore, also visited regularly by Elephants. In Mana Pools we’ll stay in a comfortable luxury camp right by the Lower Zambesi river.


Federico Veronesi will be your accompanying professional photographer. For the Mana Pools part of the trip, our guide is one of the most experienced and sought after guides in the park,  and with an unmatched experience, intimate knowledge of the park and its animals.

The local guide and Federico will work together to ensure that our guests will be in the optimal position for photography and to live amazing experiences in safety in the wilderness of Mana Pools.

Previous Guests’ Comments

“…Mal d’Afrique… Mana Pools has done this to me. I go to sleep and wake up longing to be there, surrounded by elephants, hearing the lions at night, having close encounters by foot and canoe. …Mana Pools have spoiled me. It has engraved itself on my soul. I’m counting the days to go back.  And now there is the wet season, christmas, new year, endless days…..To relive it all, I work on my pictures… For me Mana is now the ultimate safari” Ana Zinger, 2014 Mana Pools Safari 

“…Mana Pools has been an amazing experience. The place is wonderful, I don’t know if Heaven exists as a real physical place or just as a place for the soul, but if it exists I think it’s there. Lions and Elephants walking through camp, breakfast in the Zambesi river, sitting in the shadow of a wild Elephant or watching it feed less than a meter away protected just by a fallen log has been an experience that will live forever in my heart. If I were to define this trip I would say, the ultimate safari. Never have I felt so immersed and involved in nature as on this safari” Paolo Ognibene, 2014 Mana Pools Safari


The cost for this safari will be tba USD p/person on sharing basis, including:

  • Full board accommodation for 1 night in Victoria Falls, 4 nights in Hwange NP, 2 nights in Matusadona NP and 5 nights in Mana Pools;
  • Park Fees;
  • Guiding and photography tutoring by Federico Veronesi;
  • Unlimited game viewing activity exclusive for our group, including walking safari, game viewing and canoe trips;
  • Guiding by local professional safari guides;
  • All transfers.



Elephant family entering water of Lower Zambesi River in Mana Pools at sunset



Ground level image of Pride of Lions resting in shade in late afternoon light in Mana Pools NP