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Testimonials - Zimbabwe Photo Safaris

  • I had a really wonderful time on the trip- and huge thanks to you & especially to Federico for making it go so smoothly & for some very special sightings! I will also be in touch in next few days regarding a private trip that Myself, Sarah & Claire discussed with Federico to Amboseli & Serengeti in early 2021. I’m just going to get feedback from Sarah & Claire on ideal dates & then forward those on to you. Jules Oldroyd
    Jules Oldroyd
  • Thanks again for an amazing trip. We’ll be in touch about dates for 2021! Claire
    Claire Bates
  • Dear Laura, here just a few words, and sorry for the delay, as soon as I was back home I had to work, to sleep, to work, … Everything was so far very okay, and yes, it was a very nice trip, especially with regard to wildlife experience and photography, the main goal of the trip. I appreciated a lot the company of Federico, his passion and his (social and technical) skills… My overall impression is very positive, thanks a lot to you, dear Laura, and to Federico. With my best regards, and greetings for Federico Paul Hentgen
    Paul Hentgen
  • Talking about the trip to Zimbabwe last October: it was fantastic!! I don’t think there could be a better way to celebrate ten years since my first trip to Africa. Without diminishing the great migration in the Masai Mara or Amboseli elephants, I think the two dinners in Chitake, in the darkness in the dry river bed, with the animals parading to drink a few inches from us, was my most emotional and intense moment that I lived in my ten years of trips to Africa. I would have stayed there longer if I could. The chef was also amazing, I don’t know how he could prepare such outstanding food in the middle of nowhere! And it was great to cross the spring on foot, light up the dry elephant dung to chase the tse-tse flies, climb the river banks to follow the buffalos coming to drink, encountering two Civets chasing each other… all amazing moments. I would give Chitake a full 10 out of 10 and even if Federico said the tents were very basic (which is true), I wouldn’t change anything, it’s all perfect as it is. Mana Pools was an amazing experience, thanks also to Nick, who is really an amazing added value. Having him makes you feel very safe even two meters away from a 5 tons elephant bull or ten meters from three Lionesses, or in the middle of a Wild dogs’ pack. Though he is quite expensive, I definitely wouldn’t want to do this safari with anyone else. The place is wonderful, and if Heaven exists as a physical place, or as a spiritual place, I really think it’s here in Mana Pools! Beautiful tents on the shores of the Lower Zambesi with amazing landscapes and breath-taking sunsets, Lions and Elephants in the camp. Perfect cuisine, better than at any other camp I have been to. The canoe trip with lunch in the middle of the river, with feet in the water, was an amazing moment. Encountering the Wild Dogs and watching the Elephant Stompy feed protected only by a fallen log, have been other unforgettable moments that will remain forever in my heart. Should I describe this safari in just three words I would say: the ultimate safari. I don’t know if it’s clear enough, but I totally fell in love with Mana Pools, both Chitake and the floodplains. I was forgetting about Matusadona. I loved it as well. The boat ride on the flat lake that looks like a sea, the dead trees forest rising from the water, the raised rooms on platforms with a stunning view on the lake, and the Elephants walking just around them, will remain in my memories.
    Paolo Ognibene
    Walk in the wild - 2014, 2016, 2018
  • “I could not help to write this email to you because I think you would understand. I could not think of anyone else that I could share what I'm feeling right now and you were also part of it. I'm suffering terribly of mal D' Afrique, my dear. Have you heard about that? "Mal D'Afrique" is a French word that describes people who visit the African continent and feel deprived in some way when they return to their native country. Mana Pools has done this to me. I go to sleep and wake up longing to be there, surrounded by elephants, hearing the lions at night, having close encounters by foot and canoe. You should hear me sigh.....  Ai, ai..... Mana Pools have spoiled me. It has engraved itself on my soul. I'm counting the days to go back.  And now there is the wet season, christmas, new year, endless days.....” – Ana Zinger
    Ana Zinger
    Walk in the wild - 2014, 2015, 2016

Testimonials - Kenya Photo Safaris

  • Thank you, Federico.  It was a wonderful trip and I know we both have so many great photos so thanks to you for that! Please tell Laura no response required to my email.  I just wanted to convey my personal thanks to her as well. Enjoy your time at home with the family.  I may be in touch with you soon about Mana Pools next year if there are still spots open.
    Vicki Jauron
    Elephants and Migration - 2017
  • Thank you so much for a wonderful safari on the Mara! As usual, Federico's diligence and patience paid off, and we all came away with an enviable set of photos. Your guiding, photographic knowledge, and great company, far exceeded any expectations I may have had. Thanks also to Laura for your great organisation. It was certainly a trip to remember.
    John Fielding
    Kenya, Tanzania - 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019
  • We would like to thank Federico for the wonderful days spent together in the bush, for all the amazing wildlife we saw and photographed. All the camps were beautiful, we had a great stay in all. Only at Tortilis we struggled with the long climb to get to the restaurant ah ah ah!! We also learned so much. We are sure that on our next trip we'll be even more ready!! Sightings were amazing, often very intense. In Amboseli it was like a movie, with the big tuskers and with the big herds of hundreds of Elephants of all sizes... spectacular!! When will the time come to plan a new trip with you? We wish you and Giulio a great weekend with the family. Stay in touch and thanks for your efforts to teach us a better photographic concept! Ciao"
    Alessandro Silvestroni
  • Hi Laura: Thank you so much for everything, it was better than I had expected. Federico is simply wonderful in every way. So talented and yet so helpful and so humble. A rare combination these days. Pradeep Bansal
    Pradeep Bansal
  • It was another fantastic trip with Federico, and I've come home with a great collection of images. On the extension, we had a wonderful early morning time with cheetahs, and also saw mating lions. A big thanks to you both for organising and executing an exciting safari! Best regards John
    John Fielding
  • Hi Laura Thanks again to you and Federico for another great trip. Now I'm busy importing all my images! Best Regards, Moira
    Moira Norrie
    Kenya, Tanzania - Various safaris 2014 to 2020
  • Hi Laura, So nice to hear from you and sorry for my late reply. I can’t believe our Kenya trip has already ended. It felt just like yesterday when you were giving us advice on the Kenya visa, vaccination, and the place to buy underwear for ZZ the first day. I’m so glad everything went smoothly and we had the best trip of our life. Just seeing Luluka and her cub would have worth the whole trip, or actually worth ten trips. And we had so much more amazing encounters with Federico. I knew we were spoiled by him. But it’s much clearer when we had our private vehicle after Federico’s tour. Tin Man Lee
    Tin Man Lee
    Predators and Migration, Amboseli - 2019
  • Dear Laura and Federico, first of all, thanks so much for everything, from the precious and reliable organization to the amazing wildlife spectacle that Federico showed us. As we alrady mentioned to Federico, we would love to come back to Kenya next summer and repeat the experience with him. Hugs to both and to little Giulio. Irina e Marcello
    Marcello e Irina Scalia
    Predators and Migration, Amboseli - 2019
  • What an adventure! Jan and I just arrived home and are “decompressing” from a fantastic adventure in the Mara. The next few days will be spent filtering the many thousands of fabulous pictures we have taken and we both can heartily say we had a fantastic time that I’m sure we will remember fondly as we go through the rough-cut stage and build a portfolio. I’ll start talking with Jan on planning the next one… 😊 Jan and Russell
    Russell and Janice
    Predators and Migration - 2019

Testimonials - Tanzania Photo Safaris

  • Thank you for organizing such an amazing trip. I was truly overwhelmed with the beauty of Tanzania and the richness of the animal and bird (!) life that we saw. I have indeed been catching up on some sleep but have started to go through my many photos and would love to have an editing session with Federico this coming week sometime. I'll be back in touch on Monday to find a time that is convenient. I learned so much and am now trying to assimilate and remember everything that Federico told me. Again thank you both for providing me with such a wonderful experience; it was great to go on safari with Federico who is clearly passionate about Africa and its wildlife and beauty, I really appreciated that!
    Heather Wall
  • Talking about the trip: nothing can impact the beauty of the places we visited. The world needs this beauty. We need this beauty. I wish that human greed doesn't succeed in ruining also these uncontaminated places and their creatures. I will always remember this trip with a sense of awe, despite the apprehension that I felt for being away from home during such critical times. But I repeat, it will remain forever a great experience. Thank you. I processed two images that are linked to special moments. I want to share them with you. I really wanted to send you the picture of the Black Serval, as Federico couldn't see him in person. It was the last gift from the Serengeti before going home. Thanks again for organizing this trip together. Hoping many more will follow.
    Annamaria Gremmo
    Serengeti Calving and Kopjes - 2020
  • It was great on the safari. We enjoy the trip very much. Unfortunately our flight back home was cancelled by Cathay Pacific all of a sudden. As Europe is really nervous on the Coronavirus. Hope we can get the flight back home soon and not stay in Holland for long. We love the Masai scarf very much as it is useful. We will come back to Africa soon. Thanks again both of you and two guides to bring us an great memories. Cheryl and Helio
    Cheryl and Helio
  • Dear Laura and Federico, I really appreciate your note---it is another a personal touch that shows the care with which you treat your clients.  My trip home was long but blessedly uneventful.  I am still pondering and trying to digest the immense adventure Federico gave me.  It was so different, spectacular, and profound in many ways!  It will be weeks or months before I can get my mind and emotions completely wrapped around it. The service you provide is truly top notch---everything from the itinerary to the lodgings were impressively good and well considered, and I was continually delighted with Federico’s expertise, passion, artistry, warmth, and care.  I can see why so much of your business is repeating clients—for the serious wildlife photographer, it simply can’t get any better.  There are hundreds of fantastic memories, and wonderfully, I have many of them memorialized in photos.  I am putting together a slide show for friends that will probably go 200 frames.  I have shared the core of it with my wife, daughter, and associate at work, and no one thinks it is too long. Thank you both for keeping me safe, teaching me so much, and giving me one of the great adventures of my life!  If I ever do this again, Federico will have to be my guide.  Don’t be surprised if you get other inquiries from Portland.  I will be singing your praise for a long time.   Best,   Jeff
    Jeff Wong
    Serengeti Calving and Kopjes - 2019