Bordering Kenya to the South is Tanzania. It boasts some of the widest wilderness areas in Africa, although even here human population is increasing rapidly and poaching has reached alarming levels. The Ngorongoro/Serengeti ecosystem is an unbelievably beautiful area, overwhelming in its vastness and wildness. Our safaris focus on the Southern Serengeti plains, where the great Wildebeests’ migration gathers in the wet season from December to April to give birth to their calves.

We also love Tarangire National Park, especially in the dry season from June to October, when huge herds of Elephants, Buffalos, Wildebeests and Zebras gather around the dwindling waters of the Tarangire river to drink or feed on the grasslands of the Silale Swamp. As in Kenya’s Tsavo National Parks, the roads here are few and far apart, making photography challenging. However, Wild dogs, Leopards, Cheetahs and Lions can all be seen here, making it a very interesting park.