About Federico Veronesi

“Sometimes I come across a book that just blows me away. Light and Dust by Federico Veronesi does just that. At 26 Federico relocated to Kenya and has been photographing there intensively ever since. His book is a testament to what great photographers can do when they have a true passion and focus on a particular part of the world” – Art Wolfe, 2016

Federico Veronesi is a professional wildlife photographer based in Kenya since 2002. Born in Italy in 1975, he moved to Kenya to follow his dream of living in the wild in Africa, photographing wildlife. He personally leads all our safaris, sharing his knowledge and experience in wildlife and photography

Safaris for photographers

Our private and group safaris are tailored to the needs of photographers, keen amateurs or professionals. We choose itineraries, accommodation, vehicles and guides to ensure you’ll go home with stunning photographs of wild African animals.

“…every moment spent on safari was worthwhile, light was fantastic, wildlife was in abundance and Federico could be relied upon to place the vehicle in anticipation of a likely photo-opportunity. Having spent almost a decade in the Mara, Federico knew the lay of the land like the back of his hand, could be trusted to conjure up wonderful scenes.” Dipankar Mazumdar

Guests' feedback

  • Dear Laura and Federico, I really appreciate your note---it is another a personal touch that shows the care with which you treat your clients.  My trip home was long but blessedly uneventful.  I am still pondering and trying to digest the immense adventure Federico gave me.  It was so different, spectacular, and profound in many ways!  It will be weeks or months before I can get my mind and emotions completely wrapped around it. The service you provide is truly top notch---everything from the itinerary to the lodgings were impressively good and well considered, and I was continually delighted with Federico’s expertise, passion, artistry, warmth, and care.  I can see why so much of your business is repeating clients—for the serious wildlife photographer, it simply can’t get any better.  There are hundreds of fantastic memories, and wonderfully, I have many of them memorialized in photos.  I am putting together a slide show for friends that will probably go 200 frames.  I have shared the core of it with my wife, daughter, and associate at work, and no one thinks it is too long. Thank you both for keeping me safe, teaching me so much, and giving me one of the great adventures of my life!  If I ever do this again, Federico will have to be my guide.  Don’t be surprised if you get other inquiries from Portland.  I will be singing your praise for a long time.   Best,   Jeff
    Jeff Wong
    Serengeti Calving and Kopjes - 2019
  • The main thing I learned from Federico is the importance of knowing animals’ behaviors and habits. Predicting their moves and being in the right place at the right time makes the difference. I also learned the importance of slowing down and adapting to the animals’ pace.
    Elena Fieni
  • As a full time photography guide in the UK I was blown away by the quality of the tour with Federico Veronesi. Federico has a calm, laid back style that makes you feel totally relaxed and at the same time he has the experience to put you in the right spot for incredible images and opportunities.
    Marcus Conway

Why Choose Us

Intimate knowledge

Federico has an in-depth and direct knowledge of African animals and the best locations to photograph them

Small groups

We specialize in small groups of keen photographers, each with a full row of seats on the vehicles

From dawn to dusk

Following wildlife, through majestic sceneries, seeking the best photographic moments